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Welcome to Criss Cross Crafts, this is our craft site to try to give you the basics of many crafts to help you learn to do whichever craft you wish.

Criss Cross Crafts - Learn to When people use the word craft they often just think of childrens crafts, and cutting up things to stick together, but craft is actually a word which includes alot more. A craft is a skill which usually involves the practical arts. These can be broken down into categories such as papercraft, fiber crafts which include quilting and weaving, Needlework which includes cross stitch and embroidery, or Mixed Media which includes beading and rubber stamping. These categories are not a rule however as some crafts can fall into more than one category,for examble Knittting can fall into the Fiber crafts aswell as the Needlework category. There are also other crafts which do not fall into any category such as candle making.

Some crafts can be done at home with little equipment and you can learn to do them yourself which is why crafts such as scrapbooking and card making have become very popular over the past few years, with beading becoming another favourite over the last year. With the internet available to millions of people now it has become much easier for people to share there love of these crafts, as well as made the craft supplies more accesible for beginners.

Other crafts such as woodwork take alot more space and equipment, and so are not so popular as a mainstream hobby craft but still have a wide number of people within the craft. With the growth of the internet it is alot easier for people to share there hobby's and so there is plenty of information available about crafts that are not as popular as a hobby.

We currently run another website which is our UK craft shop. Our shop mainly stocks paper crafting supplies for card making and scrapbooking but as we very often give information and guidance about starting new crafts we have started this website, and hope to increase the stock in our shop to include items related to the crafts mentioned here!

Hope you enjoy what you read, if you have any suggestions then please e-mail us as we always like to hear new ideas.

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 Craft Categories

Papercraft - Quilling, Origami, Decoupage, Papermarbling.

Fiber Crafts - Knitting, Spinning, Lace-Making, Quilting, Traditional rug hooking.

Mixed Media - Scrapbooking, Beading, Basketry, Batik.

Needlework - Cross stitch, Crochet, Embriodery, Needlepoint.

Glass & Ceramics - Mosaics, Glass beadmaking, Glassblowing, Pottery, Stained Glass.

Flower Crafts - Bouquet, Flower Pressing.

Wood Crafts -Wood carving, Marquetry, Woodburning.


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